A Cartobibliography of Printed Maps to 1900

Welcome to my unofficial listing of the printed maps of Devon from 1575 to 1901. You will find a number of lists attempting to cover the following areas:

The Printed Maps of Devon published before Queen Victoria

The Victorian Maps of Devon published during the reign of Queen Victoria

County Maps as Tourist Maps which covers maps in the two lists above which could also be seen, or were later used, as tourist maps

The Tourist Maps of Devon containing a large selection of maps that could be considered tourist maps and published up to 1901

A Guide to Railway Development which can sometimes be used as an aid to dating older maps

This listing is designed to be an easy reference guide. Each of the first three lists refers to one of the three boks which I have published, two of them in cooperation with Francis Bennett. Both The Printed Maps of Devon and The Victorian Maps of Devon have been updated and uploaded. A link is provided on the appropriate page and each map listed can be viewed and the cartographic information accessed on-line.

The Tourist Maps of Devon was printed and published in 2000 and a future project will be to upload this for internet access.

You will NOT find a listing of sea charts, (strip) road books or OS maps. If you have compiled a list of these and would like me to advertise it, please contact me and I will provide a link.


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